From Our Midlands 103 Q&A Interview……Here’s our Lawn Tips Recap

From Our Midlands 103 Q&A Interview......Here's our Lawn Tips Recap
During our interview on Midlands 103, we held a little Q&A from callers in regards to menacing Moss Problems all the way to Traditional Lawnmowers vs Robotic Mowers. With our lawn care experts here, we put on our thinking caps and came up with solutions to those very problems. Here’s a little recap.

MOSS Problems – Causes

  • Shaded Areas = such as Large Trees and Plants hanging over the lawn that are blocking natural sunlight
  • Debris = Leaving Debris / Leaves on your grass for long periods of time
  • Compacted Soils or Heavy Wear Areas
  • Water Logged Lawns = Poor Drainage
  • Poor Cutting Practices = such as Cutting with Blunt Blades & not Cutting Regularly
  • Neglecting Lawn = such as not feeding lawn

MOSS Solutions

  • Allow Natural Light = by Cutting Back any Trees or Plants to allow natural light on your grass
  • Removing Leaves = Ensure & Blow all leaves from your lawn throughout Autumn through to Winter.
  • Aerating = Consider Aeration to relieve the compaction during early Spring till late Autumn – Hollow core / Verti drain
  • Drainage = Consider having drainage to let the surface water runaway
  • Regulate Cutting Directions, where possible
  • ALWAYS Cut Using Sharp Blades
  • Cutting a Third at a Time = You should Never cut away any more than one third of the grass leaf at any one time
  • Feeding Lawn = All Lawns need feeding each season

What Height Should I Cut my Lawn?

  • Start off in Spring cutting height 2-3”
  • As growth starts gradually reduce height down to 1.5”
  • Start to increase heights again in EARLY Autumn to 2-3”

Should you spread lime on grass before a feed?

  • I would say NO to lime on your lawn
  • Unless you have a lime deficiency
  • Easiest way to find his out to buy soil PH test kit
  • Overuse of lime encourages coarser grasses
  • You want fine texture leaf in your lawn
  • Stick to feeding the lawn without lime in most cases

How does a Soil PH test kit work?

  • Soil PH IS test kit measure between 1 to 14
  • Acid (Peat Soils)= 1
  • Alkaline (Lime Stone Soils)= 14
  • Neutral = 7

Traditional Mower Vs Automatic

Why you should not use Traditional Mowers?

  • Rotary Mower = You’re cutting with impact
  • Time Consuming
  • Weather Conditions = Mowing in bad weather conditions
  • Removal of clippings
  • If mulching leads to bad thatch problems
  • Thatch is a build-up of dead plant material
  • Fuel = Uses a lot of fuel
  • Pollution = Bad for the environment

Why you should use an Automower?

  • Automatic = Cuts the lawn for you
  • Sharp Cutting Every Time = Cuts with shear sharp blades all the time
  • 360° Cutting = Cuts in 360 different dimensions
  • Little to No Clippings = Of which the plant can digest bacteria and microbes, keeping the leaf broken down.
  • Access food source for lawn
  • Weather Resistant = Don’t have to worry about weather conditions, Automowers mow every day
  • Cheap to Run
  • No Noise
  • No Pollution

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