From our monthly newsletter…some great tips for Winter

The Autumn & Winter is always the most prominent time for moss invasion, however this year due to all the damp weather the problem multiplies. Our biggest enemy is back now, and it will have brought many friends. Moss gets going in damp, shady areas and as we begin to lose the sun and the shadows get longer its vital that you watch out for the invasion of moss. It’s not always visible from a distance so make sure you are getting down in the shady areas for a decent inspection of the grass. If you need any help with this don’t hesitate to call us so we can assess what’s happening in your lawn and adjust our treatments for you.    

Your list of Winter Lawn Care DO NOT’s are:

  • Leave items on the lawn
  • Turn mower rapidly, as lawns are soft now
  • Scarify from November until February
  • Overfeed the lawn
  • Cut your lawn too low
  • Forget to take in your Automower
  • Unplug Automower when inside for Winter months
  • Have unnecessary walking on the lawn

And six TO DO’s leading into Winter:

  • Get your Winter Feed & Moss Control carried out
  • Raise the height of cut on your mower
  • Sharpen your blades
  • Rake away debris
  • Blow leaves off the lawn
  • Plan for aeration

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